Violent Media Depictions A Main Cause Of Aggression In Viewe

Violent Media Depictions A Main Cause Of Aggression In Viewers

Violent media depictions a main cause of aggression in viewers. Aggression; an unprovoked attack or warlike act; the practice or habit of being aggressive or quarrelsome. Media; a means of communication that reaches the general public; radio, television, newspapers, and motion pictures. The effects of violent media depictions results in: a greater level of acceptance to domestic violence towards women, causes children to accept aggression more readily as a way to solve problems, and viewing television drama results in increased acceptance of the use aggression to maintain law and order.
The effects of exposure to sexually violent films on judgments of domestic violence victims. Viewers of violence against women have become more comfortable after exposure to sexually violent films. ?Violence in the real world becomes much more acceptable after you have seen infinitely greater violence on the screen? (Maslin,1982 ). As viewers become less sensitive to sexualized violence aimed at women they begin to judge actions against women in the real world as less degrading , less violent and less offensive then originally believed. This posses a threat to women in society because it enables men to be more aggressive in there actions towards women , while at

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